Cover Letter - Michael O'Donnell - Systems Software

I've spent much of my career "close to the metal" doing Systems level work - device drivers, OS portation, platform bringup, debugging, maintenance, etc - and I'm lucky enough to be able to say that I enjoy it. (Especially Linux)

However, a complication has developed: I've discovered that I also find it very satisfying bringing my experience to bear on a broader class of problems as more of a generalist; in that role I've very much enjoyed writing daemons, doing systems administration, customer support, maintenance, scripting, product packaging, etc. Toward that end, I have obtained various certifications like RHCSA, LPIC-1 and CompTIA Security+ and A+ with more to come.

My extra-curricular activities include: being a long-standing member of the Greater NH Linux Users Group; having bugzilla accounts that I use to harass the Debian, Vim and Firefox developers; analyzing/repairing CTWM (window manager for X) with my C patches accepted by the maintainer; configuring an AWS instance as a Postfix/Dovecot based email server; writing some web-scraping bash scripts to aid myself and friends in our job searches. And I'm pleased to see that my name is still in the Linux source codes! Check out the e100 driver where I fixed a couple of nasty bugs...(commit ac7c6669)

So, I hope it's clear that I'm not trying to sell the hyper-specific skill set of the moment, but rather a demonstrated ability to solve Systems Software problems. I invite you to have a look at my resume (most recent version always available at ) and then please feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss matters further.

--Michael O'Donnell
Chelmsford, MA USA

(And, yes: my resume is complete and reflects the fact that I am once again employed full-time after detouring to handle matters like elder-care, obtaining various professional certifications and completing a term at Western Governors University.)